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Cyber Mixology, my personal blog about Cyber Security, Leadership, Mixology, and more. I’m Steve Edwards (call me sedward5), a husband, father, n00b, and the Director of Detection and Response Engineering at Expel. Previously I worked at Attentive Mobile, Cisco Secure, Duo Security, and Eastern Michigan University. I blog from time to time and use this site as a reference for myself.

What I’m mixing up

See posts across all of the interests of my the Chief Cyber Mixologist. Typically I like to post about my thoughts and experiences as a neurodivergent people leader working in cyber security. I also enjoy making craft cocktails, I post recipes of my own as well is some classics that I like to make for myself. Take a look in the header for topics in a specific category or take a look below at my most recent posts.

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Inclement Weather – A Signature Cocktail for any Season

I created the Inclement Weather when I was commissioned to make a signature drink for a relative. They were pretty open to whatever ingredients I wanted to use so I tried to focus the flavor of the drink on their personality. Picture yourself in a private lounge–…

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Is Management for You? Navigating Your Career Path

I often encounter professionals wrestling with the question: “Should I transition into a management role?” Today, I’d like to shed some light on this topic in case you are also wondering if management is for you. Choosing a career path is a deeply personal decision and, while…

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Managing Burnout Risk

Burnout, especially within the realm of security professionals, has emerged as an alarmingly pervasive risk. A cursory glance at social platforms like Twitter or candid conversations with colleagues across various companies confirms this rising tide. Yet, intriguingly, when we strategize about risk mitigation in our lives, managing…

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Two Factor Authentication – Bank Security Explained

I recently looked at four different aspects of the security posture of a number of US banks. I’d like to explain in detail what these security controls are and why they’re important. In this post I’ll explain what two factor authentication is and why you should be…

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