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Cyber Mixology, my personal blog about Cyber Security, Leadership, Mixology, and more. I’m Steve Edwards (call me sedward5), a husband, father, n00b, and the Director of Detection and Response Engineering at Expel. Previously I worked at Attentive Mobile, Cisco Secure, Duo Security, and Eastern Michigan University. I blog from time to time and use this site as a reference for myself.

What I’m mixing up

See posts across all of the interests of my the Chief Cyber Mixologist. Typically I like to post about my thoughts and experiences as a neurodivergent people leader working in cyber security. I also enjoy making craft cocktails, I post recipes of my own as well is some classics that I like to make for myself. Take a look in the header for topics in a specific category or take a look below at my most recent posts.

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Five Dysfunctions of a Team helps Mature Security Engineering

Introduction As a security engineering leader with over twenty years of experience in the IT and security space, I’ve encountered numerous challenges in managing teams. From building corporate security and detection programs to leading Security Operations Centers, I’ve seen a fair share of dysfunction in teams. It’s…

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Hacking the Gibson, Then and Now: Lessons from “Hackers”

In the 1995 movie “Hackers”, young cyber rebels, portrayed by actors such as Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie, infiltrate computer systems, outsmart corporate security, and ultimately save the day. The movie, while dated in terms of technology, surprisingly remains relevant when it comes to its depiction…

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The Phoenix Project changed how I lead Security Engineering

In the realm of Information Technology, few books have made as profound an impact as Gene Kim’s “The Phoenix Project.” (Book Link) This novel, draped in the garb of a corporate thriller, introduces us to an IT manager, Bill, who is thrust into the chaotic world of…

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Leading without authority: Invisible Security

Running a Cyber Security program for your organization is leadership, and often it’s leading without authority.  For your program to run effectively it must: Lead without imposing: Your users should feel like they’re making security decisions because they make sense, not simply because they’ve been mandated to do…

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Hot Topics: 5 Simple Steps to Online Safety

Hello there! I have an exciting and unusual story to share with you today. Back in 2019, when I was working at Duo Security, I did something called “Hot Topics – with Steve Edwards” that you might call daring, adventurous, or, let’s be honest, a little crazy….

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