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Cyber Mixology, my personal blog about Cyber Security, Leadership, Mixology, and more. I’m Steve Edwards (call me sedward5), a husband, father, n00b, and the Director of Detection and Response Engineering at Expel. Previously I worked at Attentive Mobile, Cisco Secure, Duo Security, and Eastern Michigan University. I blog from time to time and use this site as a reference for myself.

What I’m mixing up

See posts across all of the interests of my the Chief Cyber Mixologist. Typically I like to post about my thoughts and experiences as a neurodivergent people leader working in cyber security. I also enjoy making craft cocktails, I post recipes of my own as well is some classics that I like to make for myself. Take a look in the header for topics in a specific category or take a look below at my most recent posts.

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Cybersecurity KPIs: Moving beyond MBOs

Every savvy business leader knows the importance of setting and managing objectives for their teams. Many have adopted Peter Drucker’s Management by Objectives (MBOs) strategy to align their team’s goals with those of the organization. In the world of cybersecurity, however, the rapidly evolving threat landscape calls…

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The Autumn Ember: A Campground in a Glass

There’s nothing quite like spending an autumn night around a crackling campfire, the air crisp and filled with the scent of burning wood and the taste of shared treats. This inspired me to create a cocktail that encapsulates this quintessential fall experience — the Autumn Ember. This…

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Staff Engineer: A Deep Dive into Leadership Beyond Management

Introduction: You’ve reached that crossroad in your career – senior engineer. It’s a proud moment, and yet, one with its fair share of uncertainty. The fork in the road is well-documented: a choice between progressing into management or continuing to hone your skills as an individual contributor….

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Sad in the Summertime: A Cocktail for Farewells

As the sun blazed down on a hot summer afternoon, a gathering of friends and colleagues gathered in a backyard to bid farewell to a beloved individual embarking on a new journey. The mood was a mix of sadness to see them leave and excitement for the…

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CRXcavator: Democratizing Browser Security

Few tools have transformed the landscape of browser extension security as profoundly as CRXcavator. Born out of a simple idea, it has gone on to shape industry practices and empower organizations across sectors with robust security oversight. It all began with a straightforward concept – to design…

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Crucial Conversations: High-Stakes Dialogues in Security

In the journey of professional and personal development, few resources have been as impactful in my life as the book “Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High.” Penned by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler, this seminal work is a crucial guide…

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