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Cyber Mixology, my personal blog about Cyber Security, Leadership, Mixology, and more. I’m Steve Edwards (call me sedward5), a husband, father, n00b, and the Director of Detection and Response Engineering at Expel. Previously I worked at Attentive Mobile, Cisco Secure, Duo Security, and Eastern Michigan University. I blog from time to time and use this site as a reference for myself.

What I’m mixing up

See posts across all of the interests of my the Chief Cyber Mixologist. Typically I like to post about my thoughts and experiences as a neurodivergent people leader working in cyber security. I also enjoy making craft cocktails, I post recipes of my own as well is some classics that I like to make for myself. Take a look in the header for topics in a specific category or take a look below at my most recent posts.

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Tough Goodbyes: Five Questions to a Resigning Employee

Nobody enjoys losing a top performer. As a leader, it can be a heavy blow, particularly when the person is a critical player on your team. When faced with these tough goodbyes, we might ask ourselves – “What could I have done differently? Is there a chance…

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Modern Day Grog: A Toast to Maritime History

A Sip Back in Time: The Maritime Origins of Grog The tales of pirates and sailors on the high seas are not complete without mentioning their iconic beverage: grog. Derived from the nickname ‘Old Grog’ for Admiral Edward Vernon, who introduced the drink to the British Navy,…

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The Whiskey Sour: A Cocktail with Timeless Allure

When you dive deep into the realm of mixology, certain classics are bound to stand out, with their rich history and indelible mark on the cocktail culture. One such gem that has been poured, sipped, and celebrated for centuries is the Whiskey Sour. Today, we unravel the…

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Mystical Midnight: An Enchanted Elixir for Evening Reverie

Introduction Have you ever gazed at the night sky and been mesmerized by its beauty? The deep, mysterious blue, speckled with shimmering stars, each telling its own silent story? Our latest original creation, “Mystical Midnight,” is inspired by just that—a potion as deep and enchanting as the…

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The Bollard: A Toast to Ann Arbor’s Bike Lanes

A Green Pathway: Ann Arbor’s Bike Revolution When Ann Arbor introduced its new protected bike lanes, it wasn’t just a stride towards safer roads; it marked a step towards a more sustainable, connected, and vibrant community. For those of us who adore the city’s pulsating energy and…

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Firewall and Old Fashioned: Embracing Classics

Cybersecurity: Understanding Firewalls A firewall is akin to the bouncer at the entrance of a swanky nightclub. It decides who gets in, and who’s left standing outside. Just like our bouncer, a firewall monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic, ensuring unwanted guests stay out. For…

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