Free SSL Certs for Everyone

Earlier this week content distribution provider CloudFlare announced that they would be providing free SSL certificates for all of their accounts, both paid and free. 

So I pulled the trigger, after adding CloudFlare to my domain for this blog I signed in and and selected Flex SSL. This provides an SSL tunnel between the client and CloudFlare; the connection from there is unencrypted HTTP. Still, this is a free and easy way to add, not only security for the end user, but also boost ones SEO score on Google.

While it’s taking CloudFlare a little longer than they expected to roll this out, I am not faulting them. They have something like 2 million websites to which they are trying to add this. And it’s hard to complain about waiting for a free valid SSL cert.

Other features I switched on include SPDY, Always Online, Geolocation, Railgun, E-mail Address Obfuscation, Server side exclude, Browser Integrity Check, Aggressive Caching, Auto Minify, and Rocket Loader. Lot’s of cool names and even cooler ideas, all for free.

I also installed the CloudFlare plugin for WordPress and created a couple of page rules for the admin side of WordPress.

CloudFlare Page Rules

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