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The Improved Whiskey Cocktail: Elevate the Old Fashioned

Cocktail history is replete with hidden gems that have been obscured by time, only to be rediscovered and celebrated by a new generation. One such jewel from the annals of mixology is the ‘Improved Whiskey Cocktail’. As the name suggests, many, including myself, regard this drink as a direct upgrade on the classic Old Fashioned. The Historical Allure of the Improved Whiskey…

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Ramos Gin Fizz: A Delicate Dance of Flavors and Techniques

The Ramos Gin Fizz, an iconic cocktail that hails from New Orleans in the 19th century, is often seen as the pinnacle of a bartender’s shaking abilities. It combines diverse ingredients to produce a creamy, frothy, and ultimately refreshing drink. The Spirit of Choice: Ann Arbor Distillery Summer Gin The base spirit for our Ramos Gin Fizz is the Ann Arbor Distillery…

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Mezcal Cocktail Party: Unmask the Mystique of Mezcal

Introduction Dive into the world of Mezcal, a spirit as rich in flavor as it is in history. Unlike any other, mezcal brings a distinctive smokiness, intricacy, and depth that deserves its own spotlight. In this guide, we’ll help you set the stage for an immersive mezcal cocktail party, focusing on ambiance, taste, and experience. Decor – Setting the Mood Your setting…

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Martinez Cocktail: The Martini’s Predecessor

Introduction Before the Martini became the iconic cocktail we know today, there was the Martinez. Revered as one of the predecessors to the Martini, the Martinez is a rich and robust cocktail that evokes the grandeur of the old world. Let’s delve into its history and learn how to craft this timeless classic. History of the Martinez The Martinez’s origins are cloaked…

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The Cyber Negroni: A Modern Twist on a Classic

Introduction The Negroni, with its iconic ruby hue and bold flavors, has cemented its place in cocktail history. Its distinctive bitterness, brought about by Campari, is both its strength and its polarizing aspect. In our modern twist the Cyber Negroni, we usher the classic into the digital age, introducing smokier and less bitter elements, fit for the era of cyber mixology. The…

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Stock the Bar Series: Part 1 – Essential Tools for Every Home Bar

Introduction Embarking on a journey into mixology or simply looking to elevate your home bar? Crafting the perfect cocktail is both an art and a science, and like any artist, you need the right tools to perfect your craft. In this series, we’ll delve into the must-have tools that will make your bar the talk of the town (or at least your…

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The Mezcal Margarita: A Smokey Serenade

Introduction Ah, the Margarita – an emblematic cocktail that conjures images of sunny beach days and vibrant parties. While the traditional recipe is cherished by many, my personal favorite rendition features the smoky allure of Mezcal, coupled with the tang of lime and the sweetness of dry curaçao. Let’s delve into the history, flavors, and magic of the Mezcal Margarita. The Classic…

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The manhattan and all of the ingredients you need to make it my way

The Manhattan My Way: A Toast to Tradition

There’s an undeniable allure to the Manhattan. As a cocktail, it’s the embodiment of refined simplicity. Rooted in the 19th-century, it stands out as a testament to the timeless charm of whiskey cocktails. Born in the Manhattan Club of New York City, its creation is often credited to Dr. Iain Marshall for a banquet hosted by Jennie Jerome, the mother of Sir…

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The Paper Plane: Take Flight with this Modern Cocktail

After exploring the cloud-filled heights with the Aviation and enjoying the gentle gusts of the Sky Breeze, we continue our journey through the airy realm of flight-themed cocktails with the Paper Plane. This modern classic cocktail showcases complex flavors in a beautifully balanced symphony, reminiscent of a skillfully folded paper plane gliding effortlessly through the air. Crafted by Sam Ross, the same…

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Prohibition era cocktail party

Prohibition Era Cocktail Party: 4 Roaring Cocktails

Step back in time with us as we delve into the glitz and glamour of the roaring 1920s with a prohibition era cocktail party. This was an era of exuberant jazz, elegant flapper dresses, and clandestine gatherings. It’s the perfect theme for a cocktail party that’s as fun to plan as it is to attend. Music The heart and soul of the…

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