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Paloma De Tamarindo Decoded: A Spicy Twist on a Classic

Introduction Every now and then, we get requests from our enthusiastic readers to decipher and recreate cocktails they’ve come across. One such intriguing request landed in our inbox recently: the “Paloma De Tamarindo.” The name itself resonates with mystery and allure, reminiscent of hazy speakeasies and whispered conversations. Let’s dive into the history of this drink and our take on recreating it….

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Boozy Pumpkin Spice Latte: Fall Flavors with Classic Elegance

Introduction Hello, dear readers! As we bid farewell to summer and welcome the cozy embrace of fall, our palates begin to crave those iconic seasonal flavors. Today, I present to you a drink that marries the indulgence of a classic White Russian with the autumnal magic of pumpkin spice: the Pumpkin Spice White Russian. This Boozy Pumpkin Spice Latte is the epitome…

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The Daiquiri: A Journey from Cuba to Your Glass

In the cocktail world, few drinks possess the elegance, simplicity, and rich history of the Daiquiri. This classic concoction has traveled through time, captivating hearts and palates along the way. Let’s dive into its origins, flavor profile, and of course, the recipe for crafting the perfect Daiquiri. This, of course, is not the bright-red, frozen, ultra-sweet Strawberry Daiquiri from your neighborhood bar…

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Modern Day Grog: A Toast to Maritime History

A Sip Back in Time: The Maritime Origins of Grog The tales of pirates and sailors on the high seas are not complete without mentioning their iconic beverage: grog. Derived from the nickname ‘Old Grog’ for Admiral Edward Vernon, who introduced the drink to the British Navy, this simple concoction played a pivotal role in maritime history. We’ll share its history and…

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The Whiskey Sour: A Cocktail with Timeless Allure

When you dive deep into the realm of mixology, certain classics are bound to stand out, with their rich history and indelible mark on the cocktail culture. One such gem that has been poured, sipped, and celebrated for centuries is the Whiskey Sour. Today, we unravel the tapestry of its past, explore its nuanced flavor profile, and even offer a vegan twist…

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Mystical Midnight: An Enchanted Elixir for Evening Reverie

Introduction Have you ever gazed at the night sky and been mesmerized by its beauty? The deep, mysterious blue, speckled with shimmering stars, each telling its own silent story? Our latest original creation, “Mystical Midnight,” is inspired by just that—a potion as deep and enchanting as the night itself. The Inspiration Behind the Mystical Midnight The charm of mixology often lies in…

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The Bollard: A Toast to Ann Arbor’s Bike Lanes

A Green Pathway: Ann Arbor’s Bike Revolution When Ann Arbor introduced its new protected bike lanes, it wasn’t just a stride towards safer roads; it marked a step towards a more sustainable, connected, and vibrant community. For those of us who adore the city’s pulsating energy and have yearned for its streets to be more biker-friendly, this was a moment of celebration….

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Firewall and Old Fashioned: Embracing Classics

Cybersecurity: Understanding Firewalls A firewall is akin to the bouncer at the entrance of a swanky nightclub. It decides who gets in, and who’s left standing outside. Just like our bouncer, a firewall monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic, ensuring unwanted guests stay out. For the beginners: imagine your computer as a house. A firewall is like the main door…

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The Improved Whiskey Cocktail: Elevate the Old Fashioned

Cocktail history is replete with hidden gems that have been obscured by time, only to be rediscovered and celebrated by a new generation. One such jewel from the annals of mixology is the ‘Improved Whiskey Cocktail’. As the name suggests, many, including myself, regard this drink as a direct upgrade on the classic Old Fashioned. The Historical Allure of the Improved Whiskey…

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Ramos Gin Fizz: A Delicate Dance of Flavors and Techniques

The Ramos Gin Fizz, an iconic cocktail that hails from New Orleans in the 19th century, is often seen as the pinnacle of a bartender’s shaking abilities. It combines diverse ingredients to produce a creamy, frothy, and ultimately refreshing drink. The Spirit of Choice: Ann Arbor Distillery Summer Gin The base spirit for our Ramos Gin Fizz is the Ann Arbor Distillery…

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